A learning environment for children is very important because it affects a lot how they will act and think based on the example from their environment. Because of that, the parents should pay attention to choosing a positive learning environment for children. Here are five international school in Jakarta that offers a positive learning environment that parents can choose.

5 International School that Offer Positive Learning Environment in Jakarta

  1. Global Sevilla International School

Global Sevilla School offers a positive learning environment for students. It is realized by the balance of academic excellence, and character-building implemented there. Teachers will guide students in a learning environment that encourages great results in both academic and character-building. It is completed with great teachers, staff, and even incredible facilities there.

  1. Global Islamic School

Global Islamic School guides the students with a warm and exciting learning environment. Teachers will invite them to various learning activities that aim to develop their creativity, physic, motoric, and multiple intelligences, including spiritual and socio-emotional. It is also adjusted by the diversity of this International School in Jakarta each student’s development.

  1. Ichthus International School

Ichthus International School strives to create a safe and conducive learning environment for students’ growth. Furthermore, this school will help parents to nurture and discover students’ talents through a strong academic guide based on Biblical foundations. High-quality passionate teachers and their faith are ready to support and help students to create their bright futures.

  1. Bina Bangsa International School

Bina Bangsa School provides an engaging and fun learning environment for students, where it is focused on nurturing students’ physical, social, and intellectual potential. Accordingly, this school promotes interactive learning with creativity, curiosity, and positive self-esteem for the students. It makes they can experience a positive, interactive, and safe learning environment.

  1. Bunda Mulia International School

Bunda Mulia International School in Jakarta recognizes the children’s need for a hands-on learning experience, which is purposed to prepare them into independent and capable humans in the future. So that is why this school tries to make a conducive, interactive, creative, and exciting learning environment for students. It aims to support their learning development.

One of the best international schools parents can choose based on the list above is Global Sevilla. Regardless of the education system’s great quality, this school prioritizes a mindfulness-based program for building the students’ positive character. Thus, implementing a great character-building program will affect the good behavior of peers and teachers and the learning environment.




By Drajad